20th anniversary of the assassinations Leila Kheddar and Mohamed Redha Kheddar

June 24, 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the assassinations by the Armed Islamic Group (GIA) of lawyer Leila Kheddar and businessman Mohamed Redha Kheddar, sister and brother Cherifa Kheddar, in Algeria. These terrible killings along with others in the “triangle of death” by the GIA (the ISIS of the day) would spark the founding of Djazairouna, the Algerian association of victims of Islamist terrorism, a few months later in 1996. Sadly, this story, which appears on pages 170-176 of Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Here, remains all too relevant today.

Please remember the Kheddars today, share their story on Facebook and Twitter and in your networks, and honor the courage of victims and their families.

The best memorial is to keep up the fight against fundamentalism and terror.

Photo courtesy of the Kheddar family.